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VNGO Productions is a collective of creative minds unified by a passion for combining creativity and strategic thinking to execute various projects for our clients.

Our focus is representing your ideas in their best form as well as creating a captivating experience for the viewer to receive and enjoy those ideas. We pride ourselves in speedy execution of our projects creatively with high quality, excellence and attention to detail.

Our goal is to communicate your ideas and aspirations through clearly understandable creative and visually stunning masterpieces that resonate powerfully with your intended audience.

Whether around a campfire, across the conference table, or at an event for hundreds, we believe that a powerful video captivates, inspires and motivates. 



We specialize in using videography, motion graphics and graphic design that are both effective and culturally relevant in the rapidly changing media environment of today to bring the ideas of our clients to life no matter the project (concepts, promotional, documentaries, commercials, etc) .


Using industry-standard professional equipment, we increase the production value of every project by optimising resources, ensuring cost effectiveness, delivering speedily and creating stress-free experiences for our clients.   

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The following bundles were created to suit most if not all your needs. Please have a look to see what best suits you. If you have more unique needs please get in touch with us and we will be glad to discuss your project with you.


Bronze Bundle

-Maximum shoot of 2 hours.

-4K/1080p HD Footage.

-Edit for 2-minutes video.

-Colour Graded.


-Delivery within 1 week.

Silver Bundle

-Shoot of up to 8 hours.

-4K/1080p HD Footage.

-Edit for 7 minutes video.

-Colour Graded.


-Delivery within 2 weeks.

Gold Bundle

-Full 8-hour shoot.

-4K/1080p HD Footage.

-Editing to your needs.

-Delivery based on editing needs & agreement by both parties.

-Colour Graded.


-Option of extra cameraman.


Class Promo Video

-Edit for max 2-minutes video.

-4K/1080p HD Footage (Provided ).

-Visual Effects (Optional).

-Colour Graded (Optional).

-Delivery within 1 week.

Class Bundle

-45 mins shoot in studio class.

-4K/1080p HD Footage.

-Class footage edit.

-Colour Graded (Optional).

-Delivery within 3 days.


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